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Bring a vegan dish to share and your recipe or list of ingredients. Bring your own table service if possible.

Program for the potluck

Rene Oswald, Registered Nurse and Advanced Practitioner of Health, is coming to Bend in August to teach classes in "Transitioning To Living Foods"

We'll see a short preview video describing the upcoming classes, and give you handouts (which include free recipes!)

The classes will be open to the public

René’s personal quest for optimal health began when working as a Nurse for many years, she suddenly found herself with a rare, incurable auto-immune disease called Mastocytosis. When she realized there was nothing the medical world could do to help her, except for prescribing numerous medications to help relieve the symptoms (and in the process causing more symptoms), she started searching for a better path.
At the Optimum Health Institute in San Diego, René first witnessed how wholesome, natural, organic foods could restore health.

Many people have experienced more energy, increased memory and better health through a diet of living foods.

You don't have to

be vegan or even

vegetarian to attend




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