What we're about

A Gold Coast group for vegans to socialise and to hopefully inspire non-vegans to learn more!

If you believe that all life is sacred, that "thou shall not kill" then please join us!

We follow the principles of Ahimsa, non-violence and believe in the non-exploitation of life in all forms.

Our intention is to respect all life by not using, abusing, enslaving, torturing or murdering any living being.

Our intention is to create awareness of the plight of the animals that are caught in their hellish Holocaust.

Our intention is to live a life of compassion and kindness by following the principles of Ahimsa.

Think thoughts of kindness.
Speak words of kindness.
Act with kindness.

Treat everyone and everything with kindness and compassion and we will create a world of peace.

Stop Using Animals! Choose life over death. Choose compassion over cruelty.

This is Vegan Life.


Upcoming events (2)

Botanic Gardens Veganluck in the Park

Gold Coast Regional Botanic Gardens

As the Autumn weather begins to take hold, we'll gather at the gorgeous Botanical Gardens in Ashmore for the March Veganluck in the Park. We'll enjoy vegan food with like-minded friends in a stunning location. Bring vegan food to share, along with recyclable utensils and a chair/picnic rug. We hope to be set up beside the lake. Look for the Vegan Life signs.

Tian Ran Lunch!

Tian Ran Vegetarian Restaurant

It's been a long, long time since we've had the pleasure of lunch at Tian Ran. This fully vegan restaurant was one of the first fully restaurants on the Gold Coast and continues to impress with it's popular, delicious menu and affordable prices. Join us for a scrumptious cruelty-free lunch!

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