Are you at SUNY Stony Brook? (student, grad student, faculty/staff?)


This is a "non-meetup" where you can join the SUNY Stony Brook caucus. This is NOT an announcement of an actual event.

Would you like to get the campus food service to offer more vegan options?

Would you like to connect with the newly-formed campus club?

Would you like to do campus leafleting in the future?

You're not alone! RSVP here to get in touch with kindred spirits at Stony Brook.

And GREAT NEWS—there is now a campus group you can be part of: SBU Veg Society! Its Facebook page is

The campus nutritionist, Tina Tiernan, holds a meeting of the Vegan/Vegetarian Task Force once per month. She lets us know about her efforts to improve vegan and vegetarian options and labeling on campus. One of her latest efforts is to ensure that there is a vegan option every day at the International Market at West Side Dining. The task force page is available at: Please feel free to contact her with any concerns you have about vegan and vegetarian food options at campus dining facilities, or if you'd like to get information about when the meetings are. These task force meetings are currently serving as de facto meeting times for SBU Veg as well.

p.s. from Jennifer G.—You're seeing me on the RSVP list because I set up the subgroup, but I'm actually not a student or faculty/staff member at SBU.