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[posted by Jennifer G.]

VLI member Erica Settino is inviting her network of friends and colleagues, including all members of Vegan Long Island, to participate in a new project, a vegan cookbook which collects recipes from people around Long Island. I think it's a great idea, and I love the local angle—it will be so interesting to read all the submissions and learn about the contributors!

For the details, read on... And no RSVP required. But if you plan to participate, feel free to RSVP that yes, you're in—it might encourage others to jump in, too.


Hello All,

Karuna For Animals is working on an all vegan recipe book that we will be publishing and selling with all proceeds contributing to our efforts to get a sanctuary up and running. We would LOVE for you all to be involved, and it's easy. Here's what we need: one or two 100% vegan, original recipes from you. With your submissions please include your personal and/or professional information. For example, if you have an etsy store, we want to promote that with your recipes. If you have a blog, a magazine, a yoga business, a music business, etc., etc., we want to promote the people who continue to support us and our mission. If you don't have a business or professional endeavor on Long Island, we still want you involved. And we'd like each of you to write up a short blurb about why you have made the decision to stop eating animals, which will also be printed with your recipe.

The beauty of this is that it costs you nothing. Just a few moments of your time to email me your recipes and information. And then we do the work, promoting your local businesses and our growing community of ethical vegans.

We will also be reaching out to local restaurants, bakeries and cafes that are vegan or vegan friendly, in the hopes that they too will contribute. This book will be a great companion for all things vegan on Long Island, and it will also help those looking to transition to a vegan diet in doing so.

Please note that although there are no copyrighting laws when dealing with recipes, we must be honest in all our endeavors. If there is a vegan recipe that you absolutely love but got it from a cookbook or another source, you can include it. We just have to give credit to the original source. If you have questions about this, just ask me. And also note, that if you use another's recipe as a baseline but you change things i.e., ingredients, measurements, etc. than that recipe becomes yours.

If you have friends, family members or colleagues who might like to be involved in this project, please pass along this invitation ASAP. The more the merrier.

Please get back to me as soon as you can to let me know if you would like to be involved. What do you have to lose, right? If you are going to contribute, please do so by Friday 10/19.

Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.

Look forward to hearing from you.

In peace & gratitude,

Erica Settino
Founder & Executive Director
Karuna For Animals: Compassion In Action, Inc. (