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campus/concert leafleting

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This is a "non-meetup" where you can join those of us who are, or wannabe, leafleters. This is NOT an announcement of an actual event.

Check this out: if you influence just one person to go vegan, BAM, you've just doubled your lifetime total of animals spared. Imagine if each of us got another person to go vegan this year? Keep multiplying, baby—this is how we change the world.

Campus leafleting is one of the best ways to spend our limited activist time & energy. See below for why. (A recent study ( found that for every 2 leaflets given out, one animal was spared.)

Want to learn more?

Check out this step-by-step guide & video at Farm Sanctuary's Compassionate Communities campaign site:

If you've never leafleted before (or even if you have!) here's a video with tips from leafleting expert Vic Sjodin:

Here's one account of trying out leafleting for the first time:

Or read here— —about my first VO leafleting experience.

Or check out this encouragement from Vegan Outreach co-founder Matt Ball—

You can browse around here— —for information about Vegan Outreach, and VO's Adopt a College ( network of activists.

You can also browse VegFund's page of literature links, to see all the different literature options out there:

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Why campus leafleting rocks:

Campuses have high foot traffic between class periods, so you can reach hundreds of people in a relatively short amount of time.

And college students are a key population to target. Why? Because at this stage of their lives, they tend to be open to new information. And as young adults, they're making more of their own food-shopping decisions.

Also, being young means that students have more years of life left. That means more years of eating left, which means more animals to be saved by going vegan.

And here's another reason why I'm a fan of leafleting: I've found it's been helpful to me in my personal life. How so? In the past, I used to spend a lot of time & emotional energy fretting that my family members still haven't joined me in going vegan. Now, instead of fretting, I leaflet. It provides a productive outlet for my passion.

If people you know (friends, coworkers, family) don't seem reachable, you can take heart in knowing that leafleting for an hour or two is a way to reach hundreds of other potential vegans. And that can relieve some of the pressure you might be feeling, regarding the nonvegans in your life.
This is NOT an event!
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