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Are you newly* vegan, or getting there?

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This is a "non-meetup" with a comprehensive resource list for new & aspiring vegans. This is NOT an announcement of an actual event.

My hope is that Vegan Long Island will help you connect with others who are also new or aspiring vegans. You are not alone!

I recommend the following resources:

1. "How To Survive the First Week of a Vegan Diet" - - is a short blogpost for you.

2. is a nice "Digital Vegan Welcome Packet."

3. and are restaurant-finders.

3. You can sign up with to get a weekly email of vegan events near you.

4. Want some advice for how to handle family & friends? Try this "Navigating Social Situations" video - (8:27) - from Bite Size Vegan, or this advice article from Vegan Street: (Marla Rose says to PACE yourself, which means be Polite, Affable, Candid, and Encouraging.)

5. Be aware that as a new vegan, you may go through different stages & emotions. Being vegan is a joy, but can also be tough in this not-yet-vegan world. This podcast - - by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau gives an overview of ten stages she has identified. (If you think you might be in Stage 5—overwhelmed by anger or sadness—this video by Bite-Size Vegan - - may be helpful. Also, this helpline - - provides free counseling by text, email or chat.)

6. - - is another site for new vegans. Start here - - and choose the meal plan that appeals most to you! They make it easy, and fun.

7. - - is an online source for thousands of vegan recipes. Or just search the Internet by typing "vegan" plus the name of whatever dish you're wanting to make.

8. Could you use a free vegan mentor? Try Challenge 22 - Another option is this mentor program - - by Vegan Outreach. If you use Facebook, you could also get support in the Vegan Long Island Forum -

9. Vegan dietitian Jack Norris offers these tips for new vegans: An excellent tip is this: "Legumes (which means beans, peanuts, peas, lentils, and soy), seitan, and quinoa are the best sources of protein for vegans. Include a few servings of these foods each day—maybe even each meal."

While we're talking nutrition: make sure you have a reliable source of Vitamin B12 - I take a 500 mcg "dot" daily. You may prefer to get your B12 in a weekly dose. Dr. Michael Greger explains how much you need & why -

There's a LOT of misinformation out there, so beware. I rely on Norris, Greger, Ginny Messina (, and Brenda Davis RD ( for science-based nutrition info.
If your doctor hassles you, share Dr. Greger's Evidence-Based Guide with them -

10. Carol Adams' book Living Among Meat Eaters,, is a classic. Her psychological insights helped me become a better ambassador. Reading it helped me feel less angry, more compassionate toward others.

11. Understand that if you influence just one person to go vegan, BAM, you've just doubled your lifetime total of animals spared. Imagine if each of us got another person to go vegan this year? Keep multiplying—this is how we change the world. So be an effective influence. Read this short column on a technique - - that will help you be more effective.
You can connect with Vegan Outreach's coordinators here if you're keen to do restaurant or community outreach, or if you want to become a mentor: There are also a number of activist groups which use Facebook to organize their events & support: "AV: Long Island" and "Long Island Animal Save" and "Long Island Activist Community."

12. Have you heard the term "carnism"? This is the term psychologist Melanie Joy has coined for the dominant ideology that conditions us to eat certain animals, and that also keeps our feelings and awareness blocked. Follow this link to watch her remarkable 2015 TEDx talk - Share it with others. And this video on effective advocacy - - is especially good for vegans who may be frustrated by their friends or family, and want to become better advocates.

13. Since 2011, the film Forks Over Knives - - has inspired legions to turn their health around. It's available on Netflix, streaming, and from your library.

14. The Game Changers - - is a 2019 film that smashes myths about protein and athletic performance. It's available on Netflix. HIGHLY recommended. If someone you know says you can't be healthy & strong on a plant-based diet, show them this.

15. Victoria Moran's 2012 book Main Street Vegan (info here - is great for new vegans.

16. Viewing the film Earthlings - (which some call "The vegan-maker") is difficult, but it reminds me that vegans are on the right side of a widespread wrong. Same goes for the 5-min video Dairy is Scary:

17. I love Tobias Leenaert's 2017 book, "How to Create a Vegan World: A Pragmatic Approach."

I'll end this resource round-up with a quote from Victoria Moran, who reminds us that being vegan is about conviction, not perfection:

"Jay Dinshah, founder of the American Vegan Society, told me way back in my early 20s: 'There is no perfect vegan.' That's because we live in a world that has depended on animal exploitation for so long that remnants of it are everywhere, no matter how careful you try to be. It's about making the kindest choices you can, one day at a time, and not sweating the small stuff so much that we turn off potential vegans."

Yours for a kinder, greener, healthier world,

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