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This is a "non-meetup" where you can join the Diet-Climate working group. This is NOT an announcement of an actual event.

Have you seen the documentary "Cowspiracy"? Here's the website for the film (you can watch it online for <$10, or purchase the dvd to host a screening):

By RSVPing to this, you'll add yourself to the subgroup of members who are recognize the importance of the carbon savings of a plant-based diet (, and who want to spread the word.

How? Maybe by reminding environmental student groups and civic groups about the carbons savings from vegan meals, or distributing copies of MFA's brochure at environmental fairs...

...but my TOP suggestion is that you join the local chapter of Citizens' Climate Lobby, and become a CCL volunteer! I HIGHLY recommend this. I've been an active CCL volunteer since January 2014, and I helped arrange for CCL's regional and international conference serve all-vegan menus. CCL has replaced much of my despair about the future of our planet, with hope. Please check out CCL's website to learn more about this super-smart, super-effective organization, and I hope you'll come to our next monthly chapter meeting:

Some other resources...

Before "Cowspiracy", there was "Meat the Truth"... you can watch it free online here:

Have you seen Mercy for Animal's brochure, "Another Inconvenient Truth" (

Another website for diet-climate resources is the World Preservation Foundation (

Also, you might want to join this Facebook group: The Elephant in the Room is a Cow (

Here's a great column by Mark Bittman: We Could Be Heroes (

And in this TED talk (, Bittman highlights the diet-climate connection.

RSVP today if you'd like to work on this with other VLI members.

Two or three folks with the time and passion to work on a project, even just a small one, could make a difference. Together, we can help raise awareness on Long Island about the diet-climate connection.