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Discover Your Secret Door to Calmness & Peacefulness
Discover Your Secret Door to Calmness & Peacefulness Monthly Meetings Hosted by Reana From Potters Bar & Greater London Vegan & Holistic Events and 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM Every 1st Wednesday of the month Contribution: £10.00 per person until 14th May... then £12 thereafter Description.. click to read more Mindfulness means being consciously and calmly present to the moment, rather than having a mind full of stressful thoughts. It’s a skill that can be developed easily with practice and instruction... together we shall gently open the door to that inner sacred place. Arrive: from 6.45pm we will start at 7pm and finish by 9pm Contribution: £10 by 30th April - £12 thereafter NB: Please note that rsvp on this page does not ensure a place. Kindly join and book via the link below: Mindfulness has been around for thousands of years and is a natural ‘human state’. It can help us to see more clearly the patterns of the mind, connect with our body, enabling us to stay in the present moment, rather than reliving the past or pre-living the future. Come and learn ways to de-stress, relax and chill-out that overloaded mind! Everyone welcome, with no need to have any previous experience. Arrive: from 6.45pm we will start at 7pm and finish by 9pm Please wear: comfortable clothing and bring indoor footwear (no outdoor shoes worn indoors) Please bring: You are also welcome to bring fruit, nuts, nibbles to share (vegetarian only please). Water & herb teas will be provided 7pm - tea & nibbles introduction and connecting 7.30pm - mindfulness & meditation. 9pm - close Mindfulness helps us to understand, and deal with our emotions. helping us to alter our habitual responses in healthy ways, by taking a pause and choosing how we act. - We shall learn ways to gently slow down the mind and deal with life’s stresses and practice easy skills to develop calmness and inner-peacefulness - When we are mindful, we are more aware and available in our lives, we can feel more relaxed and confident in our day-to-day living and create our life from our healthy choices. Do come and join us at the Sekret Garden ReTreat, with our relaxed group, learning processes and strategies to use everyday, to help improve the quality of our lives. Everyone is welcome! No need to have any previous knowledge … start where you are now. Each meeting we shall have our usual guided meditations and explore mindful kindness through inner-connection, discovering secrets of heartful-language and mindful-communication and how this can make a difference in our relationship with ourselves and others, we shall practice: - Mindfulness, Meditation, Visualisation - Experiencing Being in our Heart-wisdom - Language and Communication - Kindness & Compassion And be: Guided - through vizualisation and meditation Connecting - with ourselves and each other in heartfelt kindness Learning - about transforming our language for self-empowerment Choosing - to pause in calmness, rather than following frenzied thoughts I'd love to hear more of what you would like! Do come and Join us! Hosted by Reana From Mindfulness>Beingness>Heartfulness-Potters Bar&GreaterLondon

Sekret Garden ReTreat

EN6 · Potters Bar

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A meetup for people who would like to meet other like-minded Vegans, share vegan issues, eat together and make friends on the same wavelength.

Here is an opportunity to organise different vegan food sharing events.

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Do feel free to suggest/organise a meeting for lunch, tea or meal at an eating place, or if you put forward a suggestion to a potluck picnic, where everyone brings food to share. Do please put forward any ideas you have and let’s be creative together!

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