One of the keys to happiness is finding something you enjoy and pursuing it.

I learned crochet when I was 10 years old. I knitted one sweater when was 17 years old, but I stop all together because I go too busy with my life when I was in early 30's. Now I am back knitting and crochet again.

I love making scarf, fingerless gloves and bags to relax me.

Learn how to knit and nurture your creative side!

Anybody who wants to knit or crochet, join us and enjoy a good meal while you are having fun.This year I have introduced vegan macrobiotic Knitting and Crochet club.








$10以上のお食事をSeed Bistroされた方は無料。その他の方はドネーションは$10です。

Let's knit or crochet with Sachiko and Sanae and eat an organic vegan macrobiotic healthy delicious food. If you don't know how to knit or crochet we will show you how to start. Knitting and crochet is very good way for you to practice your mind to focus and calm yourself.

Fees: Free if you have ordered the food from Seed Bistro over $10.

Otherwise donation $10 each person using a space for Seed Bistro and donate there.

If you do not have yarn, don't worry. We have a sample yarn you can use or purchase some also.

This is a casual affair for health minded people to come, and talk about their dream and hope while we create hand made fabric art.

Hope many people are coming to enjoy using your hand and create something for yourself, your family and friends.




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