Mmm... Gong De Lin!!!

Go inside "Noodle Kingdom" and take the lift to the 3rd floor.

** Even though time and space exist within us (and not us within time and space) there's a 30 minute arrival window - so we might start ordering stuff at 1pm! **

I dunno if we need topics for these events or just have general discussion. We didn't have specialised topic-time at the last event, but we certainly touched on it wee bit.

However, just in case we need one, the discussion topic is "Living in the Matrix". Exploring the idea of having a different understanding of ourselves and the universe, but having to live day to day in "The Matrix" of separate things, people and events etc - and the strategies to deal with that. I hope that makes sense!! I'm thinking of how some days I know I'm the one energy of the universe (or something along those lines) and other days, I'm a separate egoic human being who's just missed a tram, who's hungry, who's got a parking fine!!

Anyway, I'm pretty sure it'll be a fun topic! Remember: if you experience deja vu on the way to the event, there's sure to be a glitch in the matrix!

~~~ It would be a blessing to see you there! ~~~