Past Meetup

Create a more veg-friendly world with delicious samples at Durham's Bimbe Fest!


The Bimbé Cultural Arts Festival has been a tradition in Durham for over 40 years. This family oriented event is a celebration of African and African American history, culture, art and traditions.

Participants enjoy live national and local talent, ethnic food, arts and crafts, an interactive kid’s area, and community resources. They will also enjoy some free vegan samples we are providing this year! We'll be using Beyond Meat (which was on the Today Show recently!):

Join us for a minute, 10 minutes, a half-hour, or as much time as you like (let us know about when you'll be by below) to help distro the free tasty samples. We'd love help handing out the samples, or leaflets, or entering pledges in our computer as the pledge sheets start to fill up. At similar events we hand out hundreds of samples and many festival-goers report eating more veg or going veg due to our outreach. Let's help even more people take steps toward more veg meals!

For this event, which runs 12-8, we are also looking for someone to set up the table at around 11:00 am. Rob and I will be arriving at 1:00 PM. Just let us know when you're stopping by, or, if you don't know yet - update when you know. We'll get you our contact details closer to the event. If you're new to tabling, no worries at all! You can stop by to watch, hang out, and learn more about this type of outreach. We like the company!

PS - Biz Markie will be there. Maybe we'll get him a sample?