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Nepalese Vegan Monday Lunch Buffet, HOSTED by Nepal Cuisine- PLEASE READ DETAILS
What is this? Weekly Vegan Monday lunch buffet offering (This is not a gathering so go when you can between 11 & 3) BUT......... *I (Ann) attend this at noon almost every Monday. Members are always welcome to join me. If you plan to join me, it will help me to plan where to sit and how many seats needed, if you will please RSVP, and then make a note in the comments that you are planning to sit with me. If you can't get there right at noon, I don't mind staying until everyone has finished, when I can. **If ever I can't go, I'll change my RSVP to "no", and I'll also comment in the space at the bottom of this event page** No RSVP needed, unless you want to let me or others know you'll be there in order to plan to sit together. You can post the time you'll be there in the comment section below, if you like. I can usually try to plan to go earlier, if needed and with some advance notice NOTE: The soy chai is not included in the buffet, but it's only $2.50 extra and it comes with 1 free refill! I set this up as a MeetUp, because the notes on the calendar don't show up on our home page. This way new members and visitors to our group can see them and will also know about them. I hope you'll check out Nepal Cuisine Vegan Monday soon! Click to visit and "like" their FaceBook page! (

Nepal Cuisine

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