Past Meetup

300 Vegans Park Hill 4th of July Parade - FREE EVENT

This Meetup is past

20 people went


GOALS- Objectives:
* Get the vegan message on the backs of vegans as rapidly as possible by getting the Nonviolence United Vegan T Shirt to 300 participants (that can be worn to create awareness well beyond the event- preferably at large venues to gain maximum exposure.
* Participants share important "WHY VEGAN" and "HOW to go VEGAN" support literature with crowd.
* Facilitate knowledge and access to vegan community support structures
* Make history and start a wave of organized demonstrations- This project is the first of its kind (specifically vegan centric message) that I'm aware of and I want to see this trend spreading and rallying cities around the globe.
* High Profile = Expectation of cultural acceptance and facilitation of vegan shift- The more visibility vegans have, the more rapidly and greater access to vegan infrastructure support will evolve.
* News headlines put vegan shift on the map of social dialog
* Large Demonstration = marketing photo op and sends message to political leadership that a vegan shift is an issue that people are gravitating towards.
* Connected Vegan Community can mobilize for lobbying purposes
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