What we're about

This meetup is for anyone in Vancouver, Portland, or the surrounding area that is vegan or transitioning to veganism. We will dine out at all the different vegan bars and restaurants in Portland. Formerly called Vegans Dining Out in NoPo, we are expanding so that we can explore all the vegan restaurants that we possibly can while basically staying in Portland. If you have any ideas for meetups, please contact me (Julianne H), Melissa T, or Ronald N.

Group Rules:

1. We promote veganism only. While vegan-curious folks are among us, we refrain from promoting non-vegan actions. Phrases to avoid include but are not limited to: "I like to eat bivalves," "Cheese is so good though," "I think it's okay to cheat sometimes," "I still wear leather," "I really just do this for health." We are all on our own vegan journeys and respect this meetup as a place to work on that journey.

2. We respect each other at all times. We respect animals. Humans are animals. Therefore, we respect humans, which means we respect each other. It's just that simple. We believe in relentless compassion, however difficult that may be sometimes.

Thank you for joining and we cannot wait to meet you!

Past events (25)

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Homegrown Smoker Vegan BBQ

Easter Brunch @ Vita Cafe 🐰

Vita Cafe

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The Bye & Bye

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