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So many people in Las Vegas work on the weekends and that sucks for those of us that work the regular nine to five.

If you like to spend your weekends exploring the world and seeing/experiencing new and exciting things in and around Las Vegas, then this is the group for you. Think of this group as the "anti-couch potato" group. It's for people who don't want life to pass them by; for people who love to challenge themselves and try new things.

If you love adventure, please join! And feel free to make a MeetUp suggestion!

Some possible activities/excursions:

• Ghost Towns

• Hikes

• Horseback Riding

• Campouts

• Museums

• Bungee Jumping / Skydiving

• Wine Tastings

• Weekend Getaways to Places Nearby (Arizona or Utah)

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Anyone want to go surfing? Let's brainstorm date/s?
Needs a date and time

Huntington Beach Pier

The closest beach to Las Vegas is often called, "Surf City, U.S.A."... Would anyone like to spend a Saturday surfing? I surf about one weekend per month and I'd love to host a group surfing lesson. I'd also love to find more surfing partners for future trips. Surfing is a great way to connect to the ocean and your person, nothing makes me feel more happy or at peace... We can have a meet up time scheduled on the beach for a late Saturday morning group lesson. The evening session and the following Sunday morning session would be optional and you can make it a day trip or stay the weekend. I've given 9 lessons in my life and I'm 100% so far on people standing up their first day after a couple hours of trying :-)

Learning to surf can be simplified by using a foam board for safety. I'll give all interested folks a link to rent themselves a foam surfboard and a wetsuit for the day. These rentals are very affordable! They also sell great, California made, foam surfboards new at costco for 100$ if you prefer not to rent. Share your thoughts and suggestions please!!!

Go to the "Up House" and Visit Salt Lake City
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

Hey everyone,

I've been wanting to check out the "Up" house in Herriman, Utah, for a long time. It's a replica of the one from the movie.


The problem is that this house is over 5 hours from Vegas! So I thought we could tie this in with a weekend trip to Salt Lake City. I've been to SLC once, but haven't done much there, so if you have any suggestions, let me know!

Also, I was thinking about doing this sometime over the summer, so feel free to chime in with a date suggestion.

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Las Vegas - Advanced Canyoneering Course (ACE-L2)

Lake Mead, Boulder Beach Picnic Area


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