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Do you love to travel? You will MEET NEW FRIENDS when you attend our Parties, Meetings, Trips,etc. We have Day Trips, Over-Night Trips, National and International trips. We go to 7 continents and 150 World-Wide destinations. We work with the Best Tour companies. When you attend our TRAVEL CLUB PARTIES or Meetings, we will have ALL the brochures & flyers for you; YOU may make or Book your Reservations at our parties and meetings. We will have a Room-mate List for you to see. We will have a Room-mate meeting for you to decide who you want as a Room-mate. We do have Membership Dues for $2.00 a month or $24- for 12 months one year. The paid members will receive Discounts when they travel and book a trip. The Paid Members will also be ON our regular Mailing List. We will send the Paid Members a List of new trips in advance.

PLEASE BOOK a Trip or Cruise 65 - 90 Days in Advance. The Trips are SOLD OUT FAST !

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