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Vegas Property Wave is a department of National property wave which is an all encompassing Real Estate platform designed for investors of all levels.

We pride ourselves on having created a simplified system for both novice and seasoned investors. We have established proprietary financed opportunities for investors by allowing them to maximize their purchasing power on our discounted wholesale properties. This is extremely important and beneficial to investors because 99% of the time these same exact wholesale properties are cash only deals, and financed offers are not even a distant option.

Our investors on average receive $30K+ in equity and savings EVERY DEAL EVERY TIME ! Through our system we take the remaining 1% and make the dream possible by providing an opportunity for you to get financing for these wholesale properties and leverage your capital so that it can be used for down payments on multiple properties. Where else can financing be equal to or better than cash .... Here at National Property Wave !

*Over 50 years combined experience in the Real Estate and Seminar industries
*Completed and Sold 150-200 transactions/month
*Helped keep seminar companies in compliance with the Attorney Generals.

Sponsored by Century 21 and National Property Wave! The core purpose of this Meetup is to offer a path to Real Estate Investment Knowledge and Comprehension, Wealth Building Strategies, and Personal Fulfillment.

There is a $10.00 fee for all Meetup meetings. Pay at the door.

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