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Snow Canyon at St. George UT-Day Trip

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Cannery Hotel & Casino

2121 E. Craig Rd · North Las Vegas, NV

How to find us

look for a white Nissan Pathfinder and other hikers on the 4th FLOOR of parking garage

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This will be a day trip and hike up to St. George Utah at Snow Canyon State Park.

This canyon is very colorful, more so than Red Rock however don't let the name fool you, the canyon was named after early Mormon settlers with the last name of Snow. It offers a bit of everything; lava flows, caves, sand to hike through, panoramic views with multi colored rocks and petrified sand dunes!

Snow Canyon State Park is part of the larger Red Cliffs Desert Reserve. You can also post pictures and share experiences here:

There are different levels of difficulty for these trails; we won't try something very difficult but there will be some scrambling and some sandy parts. Consequently, it won't be for people that are out of shape or beginners!

Sorry, NO kids, no beginners and dogs are not allowed

Hiking difficulty: intermediate level 3 of 5

Pace level: 3 of 5

Time to complete the hike: ~ 5.5 hours

Danger level: 2 of 5

Elevation difference: ~ 1,500 ft

Distance: ~ 8 miles

Scrambling level: 2-3

* figures are an approximation

Bring at least three liters of water and or sport drinks, a hat, a JACKET, sunglasses, snacks and apply sunscreen. Don't forget to bring a flashlight for the lava tubes/caves.

Don't want us to rush the end. After the hike we can hang out in St. George for some nourishment . We can head out for the hiker's favorite Mongolian BBQ and some Starbucks to relax and take it all in afterwards if agreed. We forget that a bit of socializing is just as important. It's not all about racing up and down the trails and going home fast IMO.

The drive up there is around two hours. We will approach Snow Canyon driving from the back way through a scenic two lane road to the NE corner of the Mojave desert.
We are meeting and carpooling up from the Cannery casino. Specifically, we meet at the parking garage at level four below rooftop. Also, allow the whole day for the trip's completion. We will be back in Las Vegas when its dark out.

Please RSVP with integrity

As always:

1. Bring enough water
2. Leave no trace behind
3. No trail cutting
4. Know your capabilities
5. Stay with the group

*people carpooling should share gas and other costs and small park entrance fee (~$8 per car ). Please show up with a full tank of gas to save time. No high clearance or 4x4 vehicles needed.


Please be aware that your Meetup organizers are not tour guides and are not park rangers. Expect the same risks and take the same precautions you would take if you were hiking alone. You are solely responsible for your own safety and well-being. By signing up for and/or attending this Meetup event, you acknowledge, understand, accept, and agree that hiking and other outdoor activities can be dangerous and can cause serious bodily injury and possibly death. The organizers of this group and current and former members cannot be held responsible or liable in any way for the actions of any participant - including you - at any event. All attendees participate at an event at their own risk and are solely responsible for any damage to their property, and/or any injury to themselves or their guests.

By signing up for this event, you affirm that you understand this disclaimer, and that you knowingly and voluntarily agree not to bring any type of claim arising out of or related to this Meetup event against the organizers of this Meetup group.

Organizers are volunteering their time and effort to show you the beautiful area we are surrounded by.


always have the organizer's phone # with you, Dino[masked]