Paul D.Paul D.

Paul D.

Co-organizer, Carpet Sharks & We Devour Dirt Janitorial Services


Las Vegas, NV

Joined group

Apr 16, 2006


I always look forward to hiking with friends. Join us it will be fun. I have been organizing events for 7+ years. This awesome group has a variety of great events. Our primary goal is to get you outdoors. Our members make us the best overall choice.

How did you get started hiking, or what has gotten you back in to it?

I hiked as a kid and got back into it here in Vegas.

Where is the most scenic place you've ever hiked or camped?

Havasupai Falls locally and Luzon Island Philippines.

Where would you most like the group to go on an outing?

Just about anywhere is okay with me.

Why are you joining VegasHikers?

I was looking to meet new people, stay in shape and see what I have been missing outdoors around Vegas