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This is a place for those who have been genuinely touched by la Abuela Ayahuasca, to converge, share and continue to grow, heal and learn together. A place to connect with others who appreciate the great significance of la Abuela to humanity in this time of the Great Purification and Turning Over.

Here is an opportunity and call to walk a path of the Greater Mysteries as expressed through this celestial and divine grandmother, and to encourage and foster true spiritual family and community around a common sacred observance, la tomada y los misterios de la Abuela Ayahuasca.

Strict emphasis on the respect of the traditional vegetalista Dieta.

For the sincere and serious, who are called to la Abuela as an integral part of their life, and desire to serve, cultivate and preserve Her for generations to come.

Those entirely new to Ayahuasca are invited to reach out, with the understanding that this particular forum is intended for those who have already been touched by Ayahuasca in a way that calls them to a continued and enduring relationship.

For those new to Vegetalismo and Ayahuasca, please join the CeibaKu Ancestral Medicine House meetup at: https://www.meetup.com/CeibaKu/

La Abuela has asked for this forum to now bring together her true friends.

-Satrapa Umiña Sonku

[Background image is of a painting of the late Shipibo Muraya, Abuela Olivia, by Luis Tamani, with respect.]



1) Anyone unwilling to respect the DIETA. This is not the place for those unwilling to honor the discipline of the dieta in the camp of Vegetalismo. This includes, sex or sexual improprieties in and around ceremony or the medicine plants, the use of alcohol, drugs or other substances (including marijuana unless under extenuating circumstances for medical reasons), or the mixing of other master plants which are either contraindicated (such as Huachuma or Peyote) or have not been properly dieted; whether traditional to Vegetalismo or otherwise (Rape, Kambo, & etc.)

2) Self proclaimed 'psychonauts' (or the merely curious, sorry). The focus here is dedicated to the promotion and continuance of the traditional ancestral vegetalista process, education, dieta, training and initiation and not modern adaptations by those with no ancestry in the lineage.

3) Sorcerers/Hechiceros of ANY VARIETY. This space is entirely dedicated to the service of the Creator, Great Spirit (aka God), and the Light and Kingdom of Glory. There is no battle to be had here. Sorcerers will be summarily bound and their path permanently closed.

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