• Journey to Yuan Fu in Rockville for Vegetarian & Vegan Chinese Dining

    After a long hiatus we're back, so join us for a night of the best vegetarian and vegan Chinese food this side of the Mississippi (I do know a place in SF I like better, but not by much) in Rockville, MD! Yuan Fu is one seriously amazing restaurant, just check out their Yelp review (http://www.yelp.com/biz/yuan-fu-vegetarian-rockville) and their menu (http://yuanfuvegetarian.com/page8.html) to see just how many delicious options there are. Look forward to seeing you there! ^ Q

  • The Vegetable Garden

    The Vegetable Garden

    We're heading to the celebrated The Vegetable Garden website (http://thevegetablegarden.com/), described on their site as: For 15 years, The Vegetable Garden has been Maryland's award-winning vegetarian restaurant, featuring a variety of cuisines to suit many palates, including vegan, organic & macrobiotic. At The Vegetable Garden, plants-based, whole foods are the main attraction. We welcome you to come, enjoy our fabulous and so healthy vegetarian & 100% vegan Chinese cuisine. Look forward to seeing you there! And if you're still in doubt, check out their menu (http://www.webvisibility.com/veggarden/1menu.htm)! ^ Quinxy

  • Journey to Yuan Fu Vegetarian!

    Yuan Fu

    We're heading to the famous Yuan Fu restaurant in Rockville, MD home to such beautifully crafted faux meat dishes as "Veggie Duck with Chinese Broccoli" and "Crispy Soft Shell Crabs". Join us! Yuan Fu Website (http://yuanfuvegetarian.com/) - Menu (http://yuanfuvegetarian.com/page8.html) - Yelp Review (http://www.yelp.com/biz/yuan-fu-vegetarian-rockville) ^ Quinxy

  • The Vegetarian Dining Club is Dead! Long live the vegetarian dining club!

    Friends, vegetarians, vegans, lend me your ears! On or about September the Vegetarian Dining Club is returning to the noble and good stewardship of Jim Price, the group's original Meetup founder. The name of the group will change, but the feel of the group will likely remain very familiar. I am departing this great urban sprawl of Los Angeles for some as yet undetermined East coast destination. I will miss so many of you who made this group great, who made this city great. You helped me explore the vegetarian dining options in Los Angeles, and also helped me explore my social and anti-social tendencies. ^ Quinxy (http://quinxy.com/) THIS IS NOT A REAL EVENT, JUST A NOTICE TO LET PEOPLE KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON.

  • Voyage to The Veggie Grill

    The Veggie Grill

    Heading to our frequent haunt, The Veggie Grill in El Segundo. Afterwards a stroll to the nearby Starbucks, Pinkberry, or gelato place.

  • Friday Night at Native Foods

    Native Foods

    We're heading to the always popular Native Foods, to enjoy the wonderful food, and learn from the table center pieces about what books Chef Tanya is reading and what fabulous vacations she's taking! ^ Quinxy

  • Back to our old friend The Vegan Joint

    The Vegan Joint

    We're going back to one of our most popular venues, The Vegan Joint. It took me a few visits to understand the charm of this place. The food isn't marvelous, the place isn't marvelous, but the price and menu selection eventually win you over! If you want American-style breakfasts anytime, burgers, Thai inspired food, or almost anything else, this place has got it. And you might not even spend more than $10. ^ Quinxy (http://quinxy.com)

  • Feed your Chili Addiction in West Hollywood

    Chili Addiction

    Who loves chili? Who loves hot dogs? Who is vegetarian/vegan? We're heading to the world famous Chili Addiction in West Hollywood. To learn more, check out there Yelp review (http://www.yelp.com/biz/chili-addiction-los-angeles-4). Also check out their menu (http://media.lab305.com/menu_current.pdf), but be warned the menu doesn't reflect the vegan alternatives they have for most everything meaty. ^ Quinxy (http://quinxy.com)

  • The July 4th Micro-Party, BBQ, Potluck, and Un-Fireworks Spectacular

    Location visible to members

    Last year we had a great July 4th veggie BBQ and saw some great fireworks, but sadly this year budget cuts mean the Marina Del Rey fireworks have been canceled. On the plus side, parking at my place will likely not be the horrible fiasco it was last time. We'll have the veggie and vegan barbecue at my house and in lieu of watching fireworks we'll have video games, stand-up arcade fun, and board games available for people to play or ignore as they desire. I'll provide the soda, fake burgers, fake dogs, and buns. Post what you're bringing in your RSVP! Look forward to seeing you here! ^ Quinxy (http://quinxy.com/) PS - Thanks to Allison for letting us know the fireworks were canceled! Boy would that have been an embarrassing last minute discovery!