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VMMC provides instruction in mindfulness meditation, a place to practice, ongoing weekly classes, classes with visiting meditation teachers, and opportunities to participate in extended meditation retreats.

Mindfulness meditation is not a struggle to force your mind into becoming something it is not. Rather, it is simply the clear observation and gentle acceptance of what is. This is not to say thatmindfulness meditation is without challenges. Dilligent effort is required to reap the benefits of mindfulness meditation. With practice you will learn to be with your thinking process in kindness and self acceptance. This creates space for emotional and mental patterns to gently unwind and lose their grip on our consciousness.

Mindfulness meditation has numerous benefits. It increases powers of concentration that are useful in almost any life activity. It melts away unhealthy chronic stress. It cultivates a peaceful tolerance for the irritants of life. It provides a method for coping with pain. It increases enjoyment of life's pleasures. And much more. Neuroscience shows that it produces positive changes in the brain itself.

Nothing is needed to begin your practice of mindfulness meditation other than a quiet place, a comfortable seat, and guidance on a simple technique. The Venice Mindfulness Meditation Community provides all three.

Although mindfulness meditation comes from the buddhist tradition it is now practiced by people of all faiths and in many secular formats such as stress relief clinics, schools and wellness programs.

The Tuesday afternoon class and the Sunday class have guided meditation so all can attend - new and seasoned practitioners. Other classes are added periodically.
Please let us know how we can assist you. If you have questions call 941 323 8033 We usually meet at
the Venice Holistic Community Center 714 Shamrock Blvd, Venice 34292

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Meditate for Peace

Venice Gardens Park

Join us to anchor peace in your heart and our community. Come when you can, leave when you must. We begin at 5:00 pm and end at 6:00 pm.Your presence is important for peace, so please join us. Park in the lot and walk back towards the playground area. Look for the Peace Pole to the left. The practice is simple. Sit in silence and meditate, pray, hold good thoughts... whatever you are inspired to do in silence for peace. Bring a blanket or chair, and a desire for peace. Peace Meditations are held on the 3rd Friday of each month. https://www.venicepeaceproject.org/ Find us on Facebook and Twitter as well.

Buddhist Wisdom for Everyday Life, A Secular Class

Venice Holistic Community Center

Buddhist Wisdom For Everyday Life, a secular class. Guided mindfulness and loving kindness meditation, a short talk and discussion on how to live with ease, kindness, clarity and insight. Mindfulness Meditation is shown to improve focus, emotional resilience and bring more joy into your life. The basic teachings of Buddhism can make our lives more workable and give us an enlightened perspective. A chance to meditate as well as a time to explore teachings that are designed to lead us to peace and happiness. Offered by the Venice Mindfulness Meditation Community. Suggested donation $10 helps support our wonderful Center where we meet. If you are low income please pay what you can afford. • Please note the last Sunday of the month is a silent retreat no regular class. Call[masked] for info on beginner classes Instructors: Jim Piekarski, LMFT, Jim Piekarski is a retired Marriage and Family Therapist (CA) who lives in Venice and teaches meditation and Buddhist wisdom. He is the author of Mastering Your Emotions: Seven Steps to Transforming Emotional Reactivity. Monk San, Bhante Chan. All three monks received ordination from Bhante Sujatha in Sri Lanka. After moving to Florida, they have been working to establish the Serenity Buddhist Meditation Center, Sarasota. They have a keen understanding of the teachings and western culture and helping us find inner peace. Jillaurie Crane, M.A. is an educator and Buddhist Chaplain with over 30 years of meditation practice and study. She completed a seven year training in buddhist studies, practice, retreats, seminary program and a meditation instructor/teacher training and teaches in a secular format. She is a retired psychotherapist.


Venice Holistic Community Center

MONDAYS: Gentle Yoga For Everyone 9:30- 10:45 AM A gentle yoga practice for those new to yoga and experienced yoga practitioners, as the class is adapted to your abilities. Breathing, postures, rest and relaxation are incorporated. Breathe, Relax and Connect. [masked] Mary Riley $10 TUESDAYS: Traditional Sivananda Yoga Classes 9:30 - 10:45 AM This traditional yoga class includes Pranayama (breathing), specific Asanas (yoga postures), Meditation and Relaxation. After the initial relaxation and breathing exercise, we warm up with a series of sun salutations followed by various standing and balancing postures. Meditation is followed by Savasana (deep relaxation). This is multi-level class, so everyone is able to practice to their individual level and ability.$10 Miryam Gomez [masked][masked] Chair and Mat Combination Yoga 11:00- 12:00 This yoga class begins in the chair with breathing exercises, back and side postures and some stretching of the legs. The sequence then moves to standing and balancing routines using the chair for support. Final stretches and relaxation are done sitting and/or prone on the mat. The option to stay in the chair for the entire class is open for any who prefer to remain seated Miryam Gomez [masked][masked]$5 WEDNESDAYS Sacred Fusion Yoga! 9:30 a.m.- 10:45 Yoga is NOT just for flexible bodies, it is for EVERY ONE! Find balance, peace & harmony as well as the ability to disconnect from the outer world to connect with your inner world. Jewell’s nearly 30 years combined medical and yoga background brings compassion, grace and ease to the mat, focusing on renewing stretches and restorative postures.Yoga for all abilities, levels and ages focuses on breathing , stretching and balance. Jewell Cochara [masked] [masked] $10 THURSDAYS AND SATURDAYS Gentle Yoga For Everyone 9-00 - 10:15 AM A yoga practice for those new to yoga and experienced yoga practitioners, as the class is adapted to your abilities. Breathing, postures, rest and relaxation are incorporated in the 75 minute classes. Husband and wife, Rick and Mary bring a sense of calm and peace with their instruction. Take yoga back to your world and discover how delightful yoga action is for your life, and the effect it has on all. Gentle yoga adapted to your ability. Beginners and beyond. Breathe, Relax and Connect. [masked] $10 FRIDAYS Chair and Mat Combination Yoga 11 - 12 PM see description above 1st Saturday of the month: Mindful Movement see it's own listing

Mindfulness Meditation: A Path to Inner peace

Venice Holistic Community Center

TUESDAYS: 2 - 3:30 pm Mindfulness Meditation: A Path to Inner Peace Guided mindfulness meditation, teachings, lively and deep discussion. Meditation allows us to calm the mind, open the heart, and live more fully in the present moment. These meditation techniques can be practiced by anyone, regardless of faith or cultural background. Whether you’re new to meditation, or a seasoned practitioner wanting to deepen your practice, please join us for this popular class. Drop-ins welcome. Our reference books are Where Ever You Go There You Are, Jon Kabat Zinn and Joy of Living, Mingyur Rinpoche. You don't need to have the books $10 suggested donation helps support our wonderful Center where we meet. If you are low income please pay what you can afford. Call[masked] for more information. The first Tuesday of the month there is meditation instruction class at 3:45 PM. This is a secular class not a buddhist class but we use material from that tradition as it is the best on mindfulness. The class is set up so you can join in at any time. If you are new to mindfulness meditation this is an ideal class to take and also for more experienced practitioners as we go very deep into the material. We meet at the Venice Holistic Community Center 714 Shamrock Blvd. See you at 2:30 PM on Tuesdays!

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Mindfulness Meditation: A Path to Inner peace

Venice Holistic Community Center

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