Rosh Hashana Dinners & Services 1st &2nd Night Sept 29-30 Shul on the Beach

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Come watch the Sunset over the Ocean and Join the Shul on the Beach for a Fun, Friendly, Engaging, and Uplifting Rosh Hashanah Service and Dinner with the Westside Jewish Community!

Message from Rabbi Rubanowitz: I look forward to greeting you personally as we share the first meal of the new year together.
With love, Rabbi Shalom Rubanowitz.

Cost: Price for Each Dinner

Early Bird PRICE: $28.00 Per Person RSVP by Monday. Sept. 23rd

After Sept 16th Price $35.00 Per Person

REGISTRATION CLOSES SEPT.25th (for both Dinners)

Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur Service Schedule
Sept. 29th - Oct.1st Yom Kippur, Oct. 8th -9th

Sunday, September 29th - Erev Rosh Hashanah
8:00 AM Selichos & Shacharis
9:15 AM Hataras Nedarim (Nullification of Vows)
before 6:22 PM Candle lighting (Shehechiyanu)
6:30 PM Mincha - followed by Ma'ariv /
8:00PM ROSH HASHANAH DINNER- RSVP Required $28.00pp

Monday, September 30th - Rosh Hashanah (1st Day)
8:30. AM Shacharis
10:00 AM Torah Reading
10:30 AM Kiddush, Drasha (Sermon), Shofar & Mussaf
6:00 PM Mincha
6:30 PM Tashlich at the Beach
7:00 Ma’ariv
7:17 PM Candle lighting (with Shehechiyanu)
8:00PM ROSH HASHANAH DINNER- RSVP Required $28.00pp

Tuesday, Oct. 1st – Rosh Hashanah (2nd Day)
8:30. AM Shacharis
10:00 AM Torah Reading
10:30 AM Kiddush, Drasha (Sermon), Shofar & Mussa
6:30 PM Mincha
7:05 Ma’ariv/ Havdalah

Wednesday, Oct. 2nd - Fast of Gedalia
5:45 AM Fast Begins
Fast Ends 7:14 PM

Tuesday, Oct. 8th - Erev Yom Kippur
6:10 PM Candle lighting
6:20 PM Kol Nidre / Ma’ariv
6:27 PM Fast Begins

Wednesday, Oct. 9th Yom Kippur
8:30 AM Shacharis
10:30 AM Torah Reading
11:00 AM Drasha (Sermon), Yizkor, Mussaf
Rest Break After Mussaf
4:55 PM Mincha / Yonah
5:55 PM Inspirational Words Pre-Neila
6:05 PM Neila
7:05 PM Shofar / Fast Ends followed by Ma’ariv / Havdalah / Kiddush Levana


There is a mitzvah to have a Seudah (festive meal) usually after Mincha. Kapparot are performed, either with chickens or with money. There will be baskets in shul for Kapparot money, which is distributed to the poor for Yom Tov. The text of Kapparot may be found in the Yom Kippur Artscroll Machzor (p.2).

RESTRICTED ACTIVITY: The five prohibited pleasures on Yom Kippur are: eating and drinking; washing; anointing (perfumes, etc.); marital intimacy; and leather shoes.
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