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Secrets of the YOU-universe! Talk, with Breath Work, Meditation and Sound Bath
2016 is the year of the caterpillar, letting go of attachments. 2017 is the year of the cocoon, a year of connecting the dots, changing the makeup. 2018 is the year of the butterfly, our year of actualization. Whatever you have worked so hard on, you will see the results imminently. This past year was a tough one for many of us as we had so much to let go of and a lot of expansion to experience. If you have been severely challenged, your growth will be to look for the blessing/lesson/or the aha moment in the challenges. 2018, 2+0+1+8=11. 11 is a master number and we are moving into a Master Year. What are you about to birth? Starting in January I will be leading classes on 'Mastering Your Vibration' at Bol Meditation (Believe or Leave) followed by breathwork, meditation, a sound bath, and tea. Join us from 7:30-8:30 pm, for a shot of happiness. You can also check out my latest interview with Katharina Baron on the Bol Diaries: If you are looking for a new start or to kick off your year I am currently taking on Life Coaching Clients, come and see what Love Alchemy Coaching is all about. See you soon, much love always, x

BOL Meditation

1184 South La Brea Avenue · Los Angeles

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Are you ready to take radical responsibility for your life? Three Self-Love empowerment coaches, Shanti, Charmaine, and Jilliana wil take you on a workshop where you will explore what is blocking you from embodying your radiant and loving self.

You will become more aware of what isn’t working in your life and how to shift into more alignment with what you do want. Through awareness you can learn to accept this life for all it is, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Self-love is a daily practice. You will take home the tools to awaken your inner self-lover. You will leave feeling more awakened to choose love, stand in your power, take the lead, and spread your light with the world.

Jilliana Antoniewicz is a Women's Empowerment Coach, Self-Love Advocate, Writer, and Speaker. She is fiercely dedicated to empowering women to rise in their authenticity to share their voice and purpose with the world. She has a global vision of justice, freedom, truth, and love and spends her time passionately living, loving, connecting, and creating. She is currently living in Los Angeles area.

Shanti Silos is an international speaker, self-love activist, writer, filmmaker, multi-entrepreneur and life - & business coach from The Netherlands. Since 1999, she has been passionately serving those desiring to lead a heart centered life. She inspires others to (re)connect with themselves, stand in their power, take action, create a life excel their greatest dreams and live a life of purpose & service.

Charmaine Hamp is a Kundalini Yoga Instructor, a HypnoBirthing Coach, and a Love Alchemist teaching ‘Living in Love’ workshops around the world. She currently sits on the board of a movement in Los Angeles called, 'The Rise', which is an empowerment group to raise the vibration of the planet. She empowers her clients and students to know that they have the power to take the lead in their lives and rise in love. HOST
Christian Miehls from the Helaing House is the co-founder of The Meeting of the Minds, an event series that includes inspirational open mics, curated gatherings, and group discussions on topics ranging from The Timeline of Trust to the Science of Social Dynamic Impact. He has taken part in and filmed dozens of workshops over the years and has interviewed over 100 inspirational minds in the fields of growth, creation, and purpose. He is also launching a visually immersive podast this summer. LOCATION & TIME
Come join us this Wednesday night for a workshop on self love at the Healing House located on the border of Venice/Culver City.
Doors open at 7:30 pm. Workshop time: 8pm-10pm

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