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Welcome to Mystic Journey, where you can experience crystals & healing stones big enough to wrap your arms around! This group is for anyone seeking to rejuvenate & recharge with crystal energy, artwork, meditation, yoga, sound healing, music, social events, and more! We provide an incredible & versatile space to grow as a community & be perpetually inspired!

Develop your intuition, meditate with a variety crystals, enjoy a Crystal Sound Bath, or practice Yoga (Vinyasa, Kundalini & Restorative). Treat yourSelf (or your loved ones) with a Chakra Balancing Session with Crystals, a Reiki session, a Color Therapy session or an Intuitive Reading. This is your Mystic Journey! Peace be to All Beings.

We look forward to seeing you at whatever MeetUp you choose to attend with us! Please arrive 15 minutes early. We recommend ride sharing, but there is also street parking available throughout the neighborhood and main streets.

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The Word: An Elevated Songwriting Collective w/ SriKala

Mystic Journey


You know that your words are powerful and that you are here to spark massive change with every letter. There are so many songs waiting for the right conditions in your mind body and spirit to be birthed through you. All available at the tip of your imagination. For many creatives it’s hard to find the time to allow those words through. How about the motivation to stay inspired? Unique Masterpiece brings you “The Word”, An Elevated Songwriting Collective. A song writing group to encourage the growth of your skills and lights the fire of passion to write from the very core of your being. You will thrive in the company and support of other dedicated professional writers as we expand our creative dimensions through games, exercises, freewriting and more. Our goals are to: • Learn more about the craft of song writing and apply it to our weekly writing goals. • Form an encouraging critique group • Help group members start and finish their songs and poetry. • Create a tight-knit community of serious writers who want to publish/distribute their works. • Build a support team online when we aren't at meetings • Embrace accountability • Become more aware of local artist events. *ॐ about SriKala ॐ* Srikala is an international spiritual teacher, speaker, live performer and music producer. He has taught meditation, mantra, qigong and other well-being practices since 2001. He offers his combined genius as a healer, artist, coach and music producer in his offering “Unique Masterpiece,” a program for tapping into fearless creative expression and self-mastery. Along with his work as a spiritual teacher, he has traveled the world as a live performer and DJ. He has produced several albums, remixes and singles for popular artists and has been featured in Yoga Journal for his accomplishments as a cross over meditation-oriented musician. Tune into your inner vastness with his support tools at uniquemasterpiece.com. Dance to the rhythm of life with SriKala on soundcloud.com/srikalamusic

EMPATH: Gallery Readings

Mystic Journey


We invite you to a uniquely transformative experience. An empath is someone who feels the emotions of others. David Sauvage, a highly sensitive empath, is visiting Los Angeles from New York City. On February 21, he will surrender his nervous system to volunteers from the audience, show their emotions back to them through his body, and guide people back to themselves. It's intuitive readings and emotional healings as performance art. Between readings, David will answer questions about his work. Are you sensitive to others' feelings too? David will explain how he keeps himself fresh. Are you a skeptic? David will share the latest science on his work. Are you just curious? Ask away. No matter what, you won't forget it. THIS EVENT IS PRESENTED IN PARTNERSHIP WITH JOY RHEMAN AND THE JOY EFFECT (http://www.thejoyeffect.xyz/) Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/empath-gallery-readings-tickets-56157139516 BIO of the EMPATH David Sauvage is becoming known as the "Empath of Empaths." An empath is someone who can feel the feelings of others. David has the unique ability to feel what is happening within you, then give you insight about how to process what you're going through. The Guardian and Vice featured him as a master of his unique craft. He has turned intuitive readings into performance art, performing everywhere from Times Square to South by Southwest to Burning Man to Facebook Headquarters. His play "Empath," which ran in NYC in December, received glowing reviews. David also consults with companies on how to integrate empathy into their culture. He lives in New York. Check him out at www.empath.nyc And on Instagram: @empathnyc

Yin Yang Yoga

Mystic Journey Yoga


Find stillness in the MOveMENT, and movement in the stillness. A warming first half of the class encompasses an energizing vinyasa inspired flow that is then complemented by a cooling second half of the class in which each asana is held for several minutes to awaken the subtle deep layers of the body and improve & balance the flow of Qi – the vital life energy. The emphasis throughout the practice is on meditation – through mindful movement, breathing, and stillness, enriched by carefully curated music and intuitive hands-on adjustments. *ॐ About Sara ॐ* Sara received her 200-hour certification in yoga teaching through the True Nature Wellness program in Santa Monica at the beginning of 2015, with her own personal yoga practice of 11 years. From co-founding a student organization at UCLA centered around conscious living to leading yoga classes in a corporate office, she loves to share the physical and energetic practices of opening up to the fullness of living and thriving through yoga, meditation, mindfulness.

Deep Kundalini Meditation

Mystic Journey


This class works to build the meditative mind through Pranayam/breathwork and deep meditation, so that you can begin to relate to your highest self. It includes some light stretching and quick warmups but mainly focuses on in-depth pranayama, which sets up a space for deep meditation. Kundalini PRANAYAMA AND DEEP Meditation aligns one’s thoughts, feelings, words and actions with the soul’s innate qualities of peace, love, bliss and truth. This allows the soul to experience a connection, or mental link, with the Supreme Soul. The process begins with a journey into one’s inner world to discover one’s true spiritual identity, which is a luminous, sentient point of energy, and then connects the Soul with the Supreme Source of energy - with ALL that IS!! Over 1,000 Kundalini meditative kriyas exist. Each stimulates the psyche in an absolutely unique and powerfully uplifting way. There are specific lengths of time needed for certain desired effects during meditation. In this class we will focus on 31 minute meditations that enhance pure contemplation with elements like breath, visualization, mudra (hand yoga) and mantra (chanting). These techniques work on the pathways of the brain and the glandular system to balance your emotions and allow you to experience bliss. “You can achieve what you want, just relate to your own breath of life. That is God in you. Never breathe unconsciously and never waste a breath on negativity. Feel (the breath) in your consciousness, feel it in your body. Feel it in the mind, and the soul will awaken. -Y.B.” ~Sat Nam

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