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As of Jan. 1, 2017 you can build a second house in your backyard on land you already own. You can rent this home out for serious money AND it will also immediately increase the value of your property.

We share the secrets to successful ADU development.

Whether you are a homeowner looking for information on this amazing income producing strategy, or an investor looking for a way to increase your ROI on your Fix & Flip or buy & hold properties. This group will explore the potential and practical applications of this new Real Estate Opportunity.

Things That Make ADU Development Gold

When you create your ADU the ROI (Return On Investment) is amazing because the land is FREE! You already own it.

The tax incentives make it even more attractive. This is an area not often discussed. If you live in one unit and rent the other out, the IRS can consider this as 2 separate properties. You will still have your normal write-offs from your principal residence, plus then you will have even more write-offs on the rental property that will bring your true cost of ownership down to a level that will astound you.

You can use the rental income of the other unit to help you qualify for a larger loan and larger purchase price. This can allow you to purchase in a higher priced neighborhood and give you the option to live where you WANT to live.

This is going to change Califoirnia and change people's lives. Join us and learn how you can be part.

Please visit our website for more information. www.ADUgold.com ( http://www.adugold.com )

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Urgent Update: ADU development and new laws in Ventura County

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