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It is time for us all to gather over excellent food and celebrate all of the July Birthdays! Let's try a new restaurant this time....The Manhattan of Camarillo! The restaurant has excellent reviews and has a variety of dishes. Hope to see you all there!

The Manhattan of Camarillo

5800 Santa Rosa Rd · Camarillo

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About Our Group

Our names are Marcie and Megan, organizer and co-organizer of Ventura County Girlfriends Group. We have been the organizers as of October 2015. Although this has been a meetup group since 2009, things have changed quite a bit! We are considering a Name Change for the group. We welcome your input for a New Name

If you want to broaden your social circle and do fun things you are in the right place!

There is so much fun to be had and lasting friendships to create. If any of you has a little extra time to schedule a meetup you think would be fun, please send me an email ( or text me (805-701-7884) the date and time and I will start a meetup with you as the host. This will enable you to enter and edit all the information regarding your meetup including inserting photos. We all need to socialize and I don't mean corporate team building. We like doing a variety of things and we need you to make the event just right.

Annual Dues

We ask each member to pay dues of $5.00 annually via PayPal or cash. Most importantly we want your commitment to meetup with us at least once every month or two! If we see that you have not visited our page for more than 3 months, we will contact you to make sure you want to stay in the group.

If you want to host a meetup but don't feel you have the room, you may host it at my house. I don't offer this because my house is so wonderful because that is not the case. I have heard some of you say "but my place is too small" so I have no problem allowing you to use my humble home to incorporate your ideas for a meetup. If you have some ideas but don't have time to schedule it, PLEASE send them to me via text or email 805-701-7884 / I will schedule it for you if you don't have time.

Your Ideas

If you have any ideas or know what you would like to do as a group, please contact Megan or me. I will be happy to assist by adding details or pictures if needed.

Our Guidelines for a healthy Meetup group!

We have a strict RSVP Policy. If you RSVP and do not show up you will get a "No Show" Two no Shows and you will be notified. After three no shows, we will let you know that you may be removed from the group, depending on your circumstances. We don't want any members to leave and we want you to feel welcome.

Canceling at the last minute is not cool, we are sure you would agree. If you have had three last minute cancellations, you will be bumped from events for a 30 day period.

Events, Dues, Donations & Responsibilities

Our events costs range from Free to about $25.00. Any & all dues are used to cover expenses like, Birthday Cakes, Venues like Paint & Sip etc. Organizers are not compensated for their time it takes to organize and host events. We welcome donations. We do track all donations a long with your $5.00 annual membership payment.The payment method is PayPal and it is simple. Just go to "send money" and enter my email address to find me as a PayPal Member. Most of us have a PayPal account. If you don't have one and you don't want one, please text me 805-701-7884 and we can make other arrangements. Also, if you truly can't afford to pay annual dues, please let me know and we will wave the $5.00 dues. We do not share any information about members to other members.

What happens with your annual membership $5.00 fee? We pay Meetup $20.00 each month so our group may use their site. Please don't think we do this for monetary gain because this is not the case. I believe Ventura County needs our group and new girlfriends are joining all the time.

Each individual participating in our Meetup Group is responsible for his or her own personal health, conduct and safety when participating in our group activities. We don't take responsibility for the actions of any participants. The organizers are not liable for any illness, crime, injury, accident, mechanical break-down, other's actions or misconduct that may occur while participating in or following any of our activities.

Organizers are volunteers and are not compensated for any activity. Our organizers are not trained leaders or facilitators. Any time we spend on keeping the group going is our gift to you and us. Organizers volunteer their time so you and I may have more fun & friends in our lives.

Please Join Us,

Marcie & Megan

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