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Getting the Best Creative Exposure with your Digital Camera


Understanding Exposure

Take your camera off Program mode and learn

how to get the best creative exposure.

In this workshop you will learn the basic functions of your digital SLR camera and go beyond that to learn the clear difference between a correct exposure and a creatively correct exposure. Through demonstrations and classroom instruction, you will understand the relationships between f/stops, shutter speeds, depth of field, and ISO. You will also learn about depth of field and how all of these settings affect it.

During this course, you will learn how to purposefully throw the background out of focus and have your foreground tack sharp, you will also learn what f stops will guarantee sharp focus from foreground to infinity.

If you have never taken your camera off program mode and never really understood how to intentionally get consistently correct exposures, this class if for you. We will also introduce you to the world of motion filled exposures as well as freezing action to imply motion.


We'll start off with a 1 hour in-class lecture which will specifically the functions of your digital camera and how they relate to exposure. After our in-class demonstration we will embark on a photo field trip (a short drive to Channel Islands Marina) and practice your new camera settings. After our field trip, we will take a few minutes to go over downloading your images to your computer.

You will also receive a brochure and a cheat sheet card that will help you remember what we've covered!

This workshop goes from 9AM-1PM and will be held at Pirates Grub and Grog in Oxnard. Please be sure to bring the items requested at the bottom of this page. All makes and model digital cameras accepted.

Topics Covered:

Basic Exposure
Light Meters
Aperture and Shutter Speed
Isolating a Subject
Freezing the Action
And More…

What to Bring:

DSLR Camera

We will be working specifically with DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) cameras. All makes and models accepted. Also bring your camera’s instruction manual and be familiar with the locations of basic functions.


Please bring all your lenses should you have more than one.

Bring a backup battery!

Memory cards
Make sure to grab your CF or SD memory cards!

Walking Shoes
Wear a comfortable pair of shoes for our field trip.

Ticket: $[masked]

Please contact us for payment arrangements (805)[masked] or [masked]

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