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Push Hands Meetup
Push Hand is an exercise for two persons to practice together and help each other develop their sensitivity, balance, power, and alignment. Many Chinese martial arts, including Taiji, Xingyi, Bagua, and more, have a version of push hand that they practice. No matter what your background is or how long you have been practicing, you're welcome to come to this event. It'll be a good opportunity to meet other people who are also interested in refining their body and skill. We are a casual group that get together each Friday to chat, practice, and play. Push hands is the emphasis but we also practice qigong for health, and some self defense using quarterstaff (biangan) and other weapons. The agenda is informal and depends on the interests of attendees. Think of it as a ballroom dance club where you meet and practice what each other are interested in. Beginners are welcome! There is no cost to attend, just bring your motivation and open mind. :) Some videos of push hands: Gentle Push Hands Power testing Push Hand Bagua Push Hand

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This group is for anyone interested in Taichi, qigong, Yiquan, Xingyi, and other chinese internal martial arts to get together and learn from each other. All skill levels are welcome. We will meet once a week in Moorpark. I have an indoor gym space available, and outside fresh air is always a good option too!

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