Attn Investors: Your Once in a Life Time Opportunity is right next door!

Location image of event venue


Location: Moby Dick Restaurant
Address: 220 Stearns Warf,
Santa Barbara CA 93003

This meeting’s Topic is where the best Investment deals are. If you missed last month’s meeting the Topic was the Thomas Fire & Properties lost in the Fire.

Since this is an Investor Group, we want to point out that what was a tragedy for some may offer Investors a Win-Win chance at the “Once in a Lifetime Opportunity.”

We strongly believe in the Win – Win deal. For those who are involved is what we will suggest to our group. There are quite a few folks who will NOT re-build.

Only a dozen view lots are on the market. A whole lot more are not For Sale –Yet!

Supply & demand drives all prices. That is where the opportunity for investors is. The lots For Sale, about 30, are the supply. 3 are pending, only 13 have been Sold.
Jump Too Quick, and you usually don’t get bargains!

This is only a small percentage of the lots were the City of Ventura is not working with the owners to replace a lost home. Hence the Supply & Demand equation comes into play. Some of those 30 people who received their insurance money, will become more motivated.

Those people may be willing to consider some creative deals. We are in the building business and we can help Investors put together some creative deals. We know how to finance & we can make it very attractive for the smart Investor.

Investing Here is the way to go. For those who are doing it out of State, that is a very big gamble. We recommend the Once in a Lifetime Opportunity for smart Investors!

We will also have information on how you can maximum your rental property income & cut cost significantly. Remember some high income earners may soon be coming to the County and want to rent a property from you.

Come to meeting at Mimi’s Café and get the scoop.