What we're about

This is a group for women interested in empowering themselves and other women. We are all on our own unique journey of self-growth and exploration, contending with the challenges of life, both big and small.

This is a forum where we can share our stories, or anything else we care to, in a non-judgmental environment. Nobody is required to share or give input if they choose not to. There aren't any judgments or expectations. This is not a therapy or counseling group. There isn't a group leader or facilitator. All of us determine how the group is to be run and the topics to be discussed. However, this group is non-religious, and non-political. This group is not intended for those attempting to convince other members what they should think, feel or believe, or how they should lead their lives. All of us have our own world views, beliefs, ideas ethics and values. This is a group where we respect one another, honoring each members' right to self-determination. Meetings can be held at coffee shops, one another's homes or other locales members choose. Again, this isn't a therapist led psychotherapy or counseling group. Rather, it's a discussion group. We can though schedule other events such as movies, dining out, potlucks etc if group members would like to. After all, this is all about us, all about getting what we want and need, both collectively and individually, from our group!

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