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Are you a woman looking to cultivate more love, beauty and creativity in your life? Come join the tribe of women who invite the grace of the feminine essence into their being and share it generously with others. Venus, the goddess archetype of the ancient Romans was worshipped as the goddess of love, beauty, fertility, sexuality, sensuality and prosperity. She was a goddess who represented the fullness of the feminine. We gather in this group to eat, drink and be merry, sharing and celebrating these aspects of ourselves with each other. We gather to honor our sensual selves in places that delight our senses. We gather to engage the creative aspect of ourselves, inviting the mystery and the magic to unfold as it will. Join us for fun activities that spark inspiration and joy. Planned group activities will include informal social gatherings and themed activities. Future group events will include: a henna party, dress your divine self night and a group spa day. Other activities that will be planned as long as there is generous interest are earth sculpting (create an amulet or something meaningful with clay) and creating harvest crowns (for yourself or your harvest table). I can't wait to see you there! Your unique light and presence will be appreciated!

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Sunday in the Garden

Vanderbilt Mansion

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