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We believe in Magick, and all pagan practices including goddess worship and all metaphysical modalities. All witches, Wiccans and psychics welcome. We will discuss all forms of paganism. We wish to stay eclectic. Dates × t.b.a. Blessed be.

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Beltaine, Summer's beginning

Denney's Restaurant

Greetings, I will discuss Beltaine, and the Gaelic connection. I hope to set up a maypole close by for the dance. I will figure that out. Anyone is invited to give their opinion regarding the Sabbat. Welcome all! Celtic Fyre, witch & priest. Also, if you wish to stay in this group, be involved or contact me at least. I don't want members to just say that they are members here and not be involved. I am a nice guy, but I will eliminate those not involved. Thanks for understanding.

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What is Ostera?

Denney's Restaurant

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