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LOCATION: planning two main groups, one in Richmond + one in Dowtown Vancouver. Prob using outdoor areas/parks once weather warms up.

COSTS: ranging from FREE to drop in/low monthly rates, group and private lessons at much less expensive than your typical personal trainer. FREE for low income, drop in Twoonie ($2) classes Fri nights/some weekends. 3 times a week ongoing $50 a month , special group classes on various topics in depth $10 per person etc etc

PRIVATE INSTRUCTION -SPECIAL OFFER TO FIRST 10 PEOPLE : One month of private instruction for only $100.. 2-3 sessions a week of 45-90 minutes per session. Can also teach at your location/gym/home etc for small travel charge.

(Those who take advantage of this offer will get the lowest cost yearly rate that we will ever offer.)

BARTER: PS I just signed up to take some Mandarin lessons. And would be open to barter straight across ( either kung fu/tai chi/or qi gong) for some speaking lessons. Also may well be open to other offers from sporting goods to health foods to various training etc etc.. Let me know what you have to offer. :)


( text) 778.251-0377

(email) sifu990@hotmail.com

QI GONG or 'energy work' is the generic term used to cover apprx 2,000 methods. Here we will be using multiple modalities. These include the following: movement arts designed to free up body's energetic systems, Meditation methods from mindful work to Taoist+ Buddhist meditations, simple (basic) TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) focused breath/posture/mindset+ focus, Spiritual type mental training to deal with energy blocks, Internal energy work specifically the water method ( with some 'fire' drills) and and and. No one method suits everyone, so a free flowing plethoria of training covering a wide spectrum..

Mostly involving body/movement. Some music/chanting and other sound assisted drills.

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