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Are you disgusted with the direction our Government is going? Is this the America you have known? Do you fear that your children and future generations will never have the opportunities that we have had? If you agree with us, join us in a grass roots movement to stop the insane direction of this government and return our country to its Constitutional Principles. We know that it is hard to spend the time to be politically active when you are busy working and supporting your family. It is easy to demonstrate and be politically active when you don't have a job and your goal is to get something for nothing, or when ACORN is paying you money to show up and demonstrate. Consequently, we are at a distinct disadvantage with other political organizations. However, we can all see where our lack of participation has gotten us. No matter how difficult it may be, we must stand up for our belief in our country and our Constitution before it is too late.

We will be having our Veterans and Patriots United monthly meetings on the last Wednesday of every month at 7:00pm. We have agreed to limit the meeting to two hours. We are experimenting with a new location for the meetings, so please pay attention to the location when planning to attend.
Our group spent our original (9) months educating ourselves and creating our political platform to accurately describe the type of candidates we would like to support in order to bring this country back to its Constitutional roots. Our political platform is our Group’s defining document and you can view it by clicking on the “FILES” section of this site. Take the time to read it and understand it and you will clearly see how far our country has strayed from what the Founding Fathers had envisioned and how blatantly the Constitution has been violated.

Our future meetings will be dedicated to education and taking positive steps in order to get candidates elected that agree with our political platform. We will listen to candidates speak and determine how best to support those candidates that we believe will most closely reflect our political platform. Without the public’s support, we will not be successful. Please attend our meetings and become a member. Pass the word and make a difference. Do it for your family, your children, and future generations. We only ask for a committment of two hours a month to attend our monthly meetings. Is two hours a month too much to ask in order to try your best to make a difference and get this country headed back in the right direction? Please help us!


Sam DeMarco

VPU President


Mick Morrow

VPU Organizer and Advisor

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VPU’s Monthly Meeting for March 2019

Eat 'n Park in Robinson Township

In advance of this spring’s Primary Election (Tuesday, May 21, 2019) and the PA 37th Senatorial District Special Election (Tuesday, April 2, 2019), we will be reviewing the ballots and the candidates and we will have campaign signs and literature available. If you have any signs or literature to share, please bring them to the meeting. Again, in May’s Primary Election, we will be electing: 1. Superior Court (2 positions) 2. Judicial Retentions 3. County Elections and Local Government a. Allegheny County Executive, Controller, Treasurer b. Other Counties --- County Commissioner, etc. c. Local Municipalities --- Mayors, Council Members d. School Boards We will also be discussing the current events of the day. As always, if you are planning to have dinner, we ask that you arrive 1/2 hour early so that we can have most of the waitress ordering and interruptions out of the way before the meeting starts. Thanks and we'll see you on Wednesday! Diane S.

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Prepping for the Primary - VPU’s Monthly Meeting for Feb. 2019

Eat 'n Park in Robinson Township

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