What we're about

Relax into the vibrations of Chakra tuned Tibetan bowls and Didgeridoos. Drift into other dimensional frequencies, created by Handpan, Chimes, Bells, Native American Style Flutes and Drums. With a journey through the 7 Chakras for both as a group and individual attunements.

The sound experience will last approx. 60 min. ending with the soothing sound of the Oceanic Drums.

Co-Created by Pablo Ledesma and Diane Keefer


Some of the many benefits of receiving a "Vibrational Sound Journey"

• Promote Deep Relaxation

• Relieve Stress / PTSD

• Break Up & Release Energy Blockages

• Stimulate Creative Energies

• Shift Subconscious Beliefs

• Boost Immune System

• Heal on a Cellular Level

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Vibrational Sound Journey

Myztic Isle

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Myztic Isle

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