vOffice 365 Users Group: June 2015 Edition

This is a past event

13 people went

Needs a location


UPDATE: 6/17/2015 - We're moving the venue from the large downstairs room to the smaller boardroom upstairs in the itgroove office.

Why: Very low attendance. Instead of cancelling, we're moving to smaller room.

Instructions: Ask the receptionist in the Gift Shop to direct you upstairs.


JUNE 2015 EDITION: Owning SharePoint + Microsoft Ignite Conference 2015

Agenda: Arrive at 11:30 for networking. Presentations start at noon.


“Owning SharePoint: Why will nobody step up?”

"It has been my experience that most organizations have a disconnect between getting SharePoint installed by IT and getting it running for business. The question always comes up, who is responsible for it once it's installed? Is it IT? Is it operations? Let's talk about how your organization can properly navigate these choppy waters."

Speaker: Chris Stone (https://www.linkedin.com/pub/christopher-stone/13/943/917), Freelance Consultant
Duration: 40 minutes
Audience: Business Professionals (Managers, Project Managers, etc.)
Technical Level: 100



"Microsoft Ignite Conference 2015 Roundup "

"Microsoft’s Ignite Conference in Chicago last month was a huge event- 23,000+ attendees -and a lot of genuinely interesting technology news came out of it . I’ll share with you here my take on the big items of the event, flavoured through my lens of SharePoint/Office 365.

The core concepts: Microsoft is taking a mobile-first, cloud-first approach with three top priorities: to usher in an era of more personal computing, to reshape work and productivity with enhanced products and processes, and to build trust in a reliable, extensible cloud service offering.

What's more, for us here in Canada, a lot of these announcements take on huge new relevance as Microsoft just announced on June 2 (http://reimagine.microsoft.ca/en-ca/) that they are opening data centers located on our soil. This opens up the doors to a Government and Private industry base that previously had been not able to leverage these services.

I will talk a bit on the upcoming on premise version of SharePoint 2016, the latest in Office 365 (including Delve/Office Graph), and more. "

Speaker: Keith Tuomi (https://www.linkedin.com/in/keithtuomi), FCV Interactive (http://fcv.ca/)
Duration: 30 minutes
Audience: Business Professionals (Managers, Project Managers, etc.)
Technical Level: 200


For more information: contact Kelly Marshall or Sean Wallbridge, co-organizers of the Victoria SharePoint Users Group (vSharePoint).