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The Victoria Carpe Diem meetup is geared towards self-defined youthful adults. This group is about socializing, meeting new people, and getting out and doing lots of different things, from hiking, camping and skating to dancing, board games and nights on the town. We love a mix of activities that reflect the diversity of west coast lifestyles. Members are welcome and encouraged to suggest activities, and those who have a reliable track record with the group will even be invited to become event organizers. Together we can explore all the facets that Victoria and the Island have to offer. Seize the Day!

The Rules of Membership:

Though most of what we do is likely to appeal more towards adults in their 20s to 40s, we categorically reject age discrimination. Without doubt some members will be teens, and others will be considerably older. Those who are not comfortable around diverse individuals should not join our group. If you consider yourself an adult with a youthful attitude towards life you are more than welcome to join us, regardless whether the number on your ID is higher or lower. There are two important caveats to this:

1. Many of our events involve physically activity and require a minimal level of fitness. If you have poor physical health and fitness, this may not be the group for you. We reserve the right to deny and/or remove membership if organizers are not convinced you are capable of keeping up, or if we have a concern that your participation will jeopardize the safety of yourself or others. Age is not a requirement of this group, but reasonable fitness IS.

2. We expect people to follow through on their RSVP commitments; it's just basic manners to let your organizer know if you can't make it to an event you had initially joined. Some events with limited space will require advance booking and online payment in order to reserve your spot and prevent flaking. Those who repeatedly flake-out on events will be booted from the group. Simply not showing up without letting your organizer know makes planning very difficult for organizers and is simply rude. We don't want rude people in our group.

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