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A lot of people want some kind of change in the economy. Or a whole new economy. One that is more free or more green or more inclusive or more fair. This usually results in a political debate that takes a lot of time and actually changes nothing.

Well, there is radical change coming to the economy. A more radical change than the industrial revolution and it's already well underway. The pace of technological change is accelerating. Automation, artificial intelligence and robotics are transforming everything. Several large grocery stores in this town recently installed automated self-checkout machines that replace the cashiers. They still have cashiers, too... for now.

Our group is about exploring how a group of us here in Victoria can become a community that helps each other survive and prosper in this changing situation. We have a lot of expertise in economics, finance, business and technology, but it's okay if you don't. We also have powerful tools to work with including our own currency.

Come to one of our meetings and see what it's all about.

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