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Victoria Philosophy Salon Topic: Social Media Moderator(s): Maria F. Kennedy & Dylan d.V Meetup Date: Wednesday, October 24th 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. with a 10 minute break at 8:00. Meetup Location: Upstairs at The Bent Mast, 512 Simcoe St. Victoria, BC V8V 1L8 *Members, if you plan to attend, please take a moment and RSVP* Synopsis: Today, we as a species are connected like never before. Through the use of the World Wide Web, media companies such as: Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram; have provided platforms for user-generated content that have fully integrated themselves into both private and public life. Or haven't you noticed? Social Media provides philosophers with a lot to think about: With Facebook you can keep track of everyone who you ever met, as you post pictures, sell couches, and organize mass movements to overthrow despots; all while you are monitored by data collecting algorithms who target you for adds. In fact, its not just adds. Facebook algorithms utilize data gathered by what you "like" and what you search for, in order to tailor your News Feed to what you seem to want to see. Is this thought-control, or good customer service? Twitter provides us with up to the minute insights into the mind of President Trump in 280 characters or less. Or does it? Is this form of direct communication indicative of openness, or manipulation? Our brains have 100 billion neurons: 100 billion interconnected little nodes in a network, firing off information between one another. The materialist believes that consciousness is an emergent by-product of these patterns of information flow. Facebook has 2.23 Billion users. Is it reasonable to think of each user as a neuron in a larger mind that is itself in entirety only 44.8 times less conscious than a human? Why or why not? These and many more, as we discuss the philosophical ramifications of this fascinating social and technological phenomenon. Links: 1. Why Facebook isn't free 2. How social media makes a better world

Upstairs at The Bent Mast

512 Simcoe St. · Victoria, BC

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