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Dear Humanist Friends,

VSHA Board met and discussed the health concerns of conducting our public meetings and other events during the growing pandemic of the Covid-19 virus.

We have many elder members. The Covid-19 infection rate for the aged is twice as high and twice as lethal above the average population.

It was decided by all attending Board members that for the sake of wise caution our official VSHA events will be SUSPENDED, (such as the Humanist Cafe, Sunday Talks and all sub-committees,) until further notice. We realize this may seem like a sudden decision but members have been expressing their concerns in the past month.

The VSHA Board will meet again in seven weeks, on Sunday May 3rd, to review the general situation.

General info

We are the Victoria Secular Humanist Association. We are part of a world-wide ethical movement based on critical thinking, science, and compassion. We see humanity as part of the physical universe and one with nature in its normal progression of birth to death. We seek a more just and verdant world based on reason and reasonable beliefs.

We will be using this wonderful MeetUp resource for our popular and interesting SUNDAY TALKS. They are lectures by fascinating people who give a talk on humanist and related topics with lively Q and A sessions afterwards. There is also our bi-monthly HUMANIST CAFE. It meets every first and third Wednesday at the James Bay New Horizons Activity Centre. The Cafe is a casual and friendly group discussion on topical issues.

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