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We are a vibrant international community of female globe hoppers living, working, traveling or studying abroad. In cities all over the world we have hubs and we hold at least one main Girl Gone International event a month to meet new like minded friends, swap stories, connect and enjoy a few drinks in hip venues throughout the city.

Louise is Vienna's Community Manager!

The group is for young (minded) women living 'abroad' in Vienna, girls who love to travel or recently returning from time overseas.

Girl Gone International is in loads of cities all over the world so go to our map (http://girlgoneinternational.com/about-us/locations/) and discover more!

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Hetzendorfer Str. 79

For all lovers of English books, those who cannot buy new books all the time, for those who run out of space on shelves, snd of course for those new in a place to meet and swap books for free. We bring books to share, and the accumulated books are then redistributed to new owners. It doesn´t matter if you have 1 book to share or 10, the point is to keep the books moving and find something new you´d like to read. I personally have 10 books to give away as I do not have enough space, even if I don´t find anything interesting to read, I hope my books find new owners. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Looking forward to our first meeting! Your Host Bojana Bilic

GGI bookclub “gingerbread”- Helen Oyeyemi

la vitrina

Hi everybody! Our next bookclub will be held in la vitrina a Latin place where you can try some venezuelan food at the same time we will be discussing “gingerbread from helen oyeyemi”. I’m really exited to discuss this book with your girls. Your community manager Marie

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