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Stand Together for Peace!

In December, a time when people often gather for holidays and family celebrations, we come together to be active witnesses for peace. We have also held Vigils for Peace after a number of local and national times of distress. The December Vigil has a calendared date. This year the Vigil will be on December 14 from 4-6pm. Other Vigils will be announced as soon as they can be arranged in response to a time of local or national distress.

Our unifying message is ~ Peace! This is a way to connect with others who embrace the concept that people of all faiths/no faith, all traditions, all genders, all cultures, all abilities, and all expressions of humanity can and do wish for and promote the living practice of Peace.

We've meet so many people at these vigils who we may not have easily met in the normal course of our days. Many times these connections have blossomed into rich acquaintances, friendships, and awakenings to the variety of ways people live into their own way of promoting kindness, civility, and peacefulness. You are welcome!

Signs & speech must promote Peace in a positive and inclusive manner. Participation is free and no RSVP is needed. We gather and stay in a specific location, usually on the corner of 3rd & Central in Kirkland, WA. Any change to the location will be clearly announced. We don't march. Please dress appropriately for the weather. People share information about their various faiths, traditions, etc., but any form of solicitation or conversion is discouraged. We do enjoy great conversation, positive interaction with each other & the community, and (on occasion) a wonderful song!

Bring a sign, candle, song, smile.... and stand with others for Peace!!

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Vigil for Peace December 2018

Peter Kirk Park

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