What we're about

Vihangam Yoga meditation is ancient meditation practice which is being practiced by sages from thousands of years. This meditation practice begins from controlling of mind. It helps us to improve our control on our day to day work and strengthen our mental power and our ability to control its power. This meditation helps us to start our inward journey where we change the direction of mental power inward and we start exploring our self.

The purpose of this group is to provide a platform to learn meditation of mind. A platform where we learn the basic things first (e.g. what is mind, What is it's feature, where it resits) and then we also learn how to control it.

Anyone whose age is more than 7 years old and want to explore the technique of controlling the mind, can join this session. There is no other restriction to join this session. We will perform below activity in the event.

1. Few basic aasana
2. Breathing exercise to make our self calm for meditation
3. Chanting
4. Vihangam Yoga Meditation

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