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Navigating a codebase with Vim

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The theme for our April meetup is project navigation. Here's the schedule (

18:30 - Pizza delivery, courtesy of Forward 19:00 - Introduction and book giveaway 19:15 - Bare Bones Navigation, by Kris Jenkins 19:30 - Switching files, by Guy Routledge 19:45 - Meet ctags, by Oliver Caldwell 20:00 - Projections in rails.vim 5.0, by Claudio Ortolina Forward is kindly supplying pizza and beer. There should be enough pizza to go around, but you know how these things go: the early bird catches the worm.

The start times listed above are approximations.

Bare Bones Navigation: Vim's available everywhere. But when you're on a strange box, with none of your favourite plugins installed, how do you find your way around? Let's look at Vim's built-in tools...

Kris Jenkins is a freelance developer. Or a retired startup-hacker. Nobody is quite certain which.

Switching files: an overview of a selection of plugins that help you rapidly switch between files with minimal keystrokes.

Guy Routledge is a front end developer at Big Fish London.

Meet ctags: An introduction to tags in Vim. Detailing navigation methods and the use of the ctags tool to generate your own tags from an existing codebase.

Oliver Caldwell says "I'm a self taught web developer who loves open source, Linux and Vim. I've been hooked on Vim ever since I started tinkering with it. Now I just can't stop."

Projections in rails.vim 5.0: Rails.vim 5.0 introduces projections, a powerful and simple way to add custom, per project navigation commands to make your life as a Rails developer incredibly easier. In the talk we'll learn how to create projections for a large Rails application with specific internal conventions.

Claudio works as a full stack web developer at New Bamboo. When he's not coding, he's probably cooking. When he's not cooking, he's probably eating what he cooked.

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BONUS! We'll be giving away a paperback copy of Learn Vimscript the Hard Way (, signed by the author.