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Can't quit VIM

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Carles A.


Hi again Vimmers!

We finally have lined up a new meetup and I am personally very grateful to both the people at Lyst who are offering the venue (and also food and drinks!! 😋) and to everyone who has offered to talk at the event.

This time around we will have the following 3 talks:

  • "Increasing your Vim Productivity" by Tomasz Walotek
  • "The undotree plugin" by Ghislain Rodrigues
  • "Writing a Language Server plugin for Vim in Go" by Paul Jolly

The doors open are open from 18:30h for foods and drinks and the talks will start at 19:00h.

We expect the talks to have finished by 20:30h but we can hang around the venue until 21:00h and maybe we can use that time to share our .vimrc's in small groups, or just get to socialise.

I am hoping enough of you find the event interesting enough so that it makes sense to keep the group alive.

Looking forward to meeting you all on the 25th!


21 Mincing Lane · London