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National Rosé Wine Day! (FREE EVENT!)

Online Event

Hi All, Who's looking for something fun to celebrate today?! Well, today, Saturday, June 11th is "National Rosé Wine Day"...so if you have no other plans today, here's a great reason to open a bottle of delicious Rosé ...and then, join-us online using #RoseWineDay to find out what Rosé everyone else is drinking! Join in if you can and be sure to use #RoseWineDay online! Cheers, Rob

Wine Consumer Day

Online Event

Hi All, Who's looking for something fun to celebrate on a Monday? Well, tomorrow, June 20th, is the first day of Summer as its the Summer Solstice...and that means its also "#WineConsumerDay"...celebrated annually when Summer officially begins! So, if you have no other plans on Monday, here's a great reason to open a fave bottle of wine...and join us online using #WineConsumerDay to find out what everyone else is drinking...and even better, its a FREE event! Click HERE for more details. (http://vinvillage.com/event/wine-consumer-day-2016) Cheers, Rob

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Wine Consumer Day

Online Event

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