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We are a group of ordinary people with an interest in extraordinary things!

Our group meets periodically to talk about faith, the science of the spoken word and the power of the violet flame to transform our lives on all levels.

We’re all aware of how troubling and challenging the day-to-day world can be. For all of us who desire peace, love, comfort, healing, forgiveness, joy, inspiration and transcendence, we call upon the violet flame.

The violet flame is truly a tremendous gift for every serious spiritual seeker. And you can learn quickly and easily how to use it to benefit yourself and the world. Learn how to…

• Unlock unlimited creative potential

• Increase your stamina and longevity

• Increase your mental clarity

• Improve your relationships

• Change inharmonious thought and feeling – anger, stress, depression – into a positive and centered disposition

Sound good?

Then please accept our invitation to join our Violet Flame Minneapolis meetup group!

Our Group Features:

• Informal group discussion and sharing

• Discussion of avant-garde organizations, researchers, and authors

• Scientific demonstrations of spiritual techniques

• Personal and group application of practical techniques for harnessing violet flame and other high-intensity spiritual energies

We Look Forward to Seeing You Soon!

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Summit Lighthouse of Minneapolis

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The Minneapolis St. Paul Community Teaching Center

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Summit Lighthouse of Minneapolis

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Summit Lighthouse of Minneapolis

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