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We host regular meetups for 1-hour silent group sits, thanks to the generosity of members who have opened their doors to us. Please get in touch if you'd be interested in hosting, too.

Group meditation supports our personal dedication, but does not replace it. Please maintain an individual practice to make the most of this diverse and dedicated community. That way, when we do come together, you'll be able to offer and receive much more.

This is not strictly a Vipassana (as taught by S.N. Goenka in the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin) group, though about half of our members are old students, and we regularly host sits with accompanying audio for those who have already attended a 10-day course.

The main meetups are open to all, as long as you can abide by the tenets that make this space safe and comfortable: timeliness, silence during meditation, and respect for the host's and each others' property.

These sits last a full hour in silence. If you're completely new, seek out guidance first from trusted sources before you attend one of our meditations. There is no point sitting in silence for an hour if it dissuades you from exploring further. We recommend the 30-min introduction to Anapana (breath awareness) from dhamma.org https://bit.ly/2VuTYfE . Also, The Mind Illuminated by John Yates (https://archive.org/stream/TheMindIlluminatedByCuladasaJohnYatesPh.D.MatthewImmergutJeremyGraves2017/The%20Mind%20Illuminated%20by%20Culadasa%20%28John%20Yates%2C%20Ph.D.%29%2C%20Matthew%20Immergut%2C%20Jeremy%20Graves%20%282017%29_djvu.txt) is clear, grounded, and insightful guide to developing an effective meditation practice. (Following this link will take you to the full text, available for free, on archive.org) (https://archive.org/stream/TheMindIlluminatedByCuladasaJohnYatesPh.D.MatthewImmergutJeremyGraves2017/The%20Mind%20Illuminated%20by%20Culadasa%20%28John%20Yates%2C%20Ph.D.%29%2C%20Matthew%20Immergut%2C%20Jeremy%20Graves%20%282017%29_djvu.txt).

It is advisable that you bring whatever you need to sit comfortably, as there may not be extra blankets or cushions.

Always feel free to reach out to me and the other organizers for additional resources. We will do our best to guide you however we can.

You can sign up for Vipassana courses all around the world here:


(It's recommended to sign up as soon as registration opens, as courses fill up almost immediately.)

Below are some references for mindfulness meditation, to point you in the right direction or refresh your practice:

The Mind Illuminated by John Yates (https://archive.org/stream/TheMindIlluminatedByCuladasaJohnYatesPh.D.MatthewImmergutJeremyGraves2017/The%20Mind%20Illuminated%20by%20Culadasa%20%28John%20Yates%2C%20Ph.D.%29%2C%20Matthew%20Immergut%2C%20Jeremy%20Graves%20%282017%29_djvu.txt)



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