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How to spend vacation meaningfully, with lasting effect? Dedicate it to knowing thyself.

July 31 — August 13, 2017 (shorter stay possible)


Vipassana, insight meditation, is a traditional Buddhist meditation technique developing mindfulness. The goal is better understanding of oneself. The word vipassanā (from the Pali language) means “seeing distinctly”.

Vipassana weakens and removes habitual patterns of behaviour, thought and perception — such as self-criticism, anger, obsessive thinking, worry, anxiety, depression, doubts, feeling of hopelessness and sadness.

Vipassana leads to overall stress reduction, a better understanding of oneself, the ability to deal with difficult emotions and thoughts and appropriate responding to life situations. It brings about not only understanding of oneself, but also of others and thus improves interpersonal relationships.

Vipassana, also called mindfulness meditation, has a wide range of scientifically proven effects on well-being: physical, mental and social.


We welcome both beginners and those with prior meditation experience, irrespective of religion, gender or age (16+). Vipassana is a Buddhist contemplation method; however, one does not need to be Buddhist (or have knowledge of Buddhism) to fully benefit from the meditation; in fact most course participants are not.

Teachers or translators will be available for English, Slovak, Hugarian, Czech, Russian, German, French, Thai.


The course takes place at the beautiful Javorie.com meditation center in central Slovakia near Zvolen, accessible from several international airports – Bratislava, Vienna and Budapest.
Accommodation in individual cabins and vegetarian food cost €330. Teaching is on a donation basis (dāna), following the tradition that meditation should be accessible to anyone. The number of participants is limited to 25, due to the individual approach of the course.


Vipassana comes in many styles; this course follows the style of Ajahn Tong, one of the most respected meditation teachers in Southeast Asia. Simple walking and sitting exercises cultivate mindfulness, the awareness of what is happening in the mind in the present moment. Students meet their teacher individually every day for discussion of their practice.

There will be teachers both from Thailand (Thanat Chindaporn, Kathryn J. Chindaporn) and Europe (Katarína Bírešová, Václav Šmilauer).


See the event https://www.facebook.com/events/1266315670124921 or the website https://vipassana.sk/en/2017-javorie/ . Contact us through facebook or via info@vipassana.sk for questions and for registration.

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